5 Signs That You May Have A Drinking Problem

Do you or someone you know display these signs of alcoholism? Find out how to get help.

Believe it or not, alcohol is a big part of American culture. As soon as most people turn 21, alcohol is involved at least a small part of their lives. Every day, people are cooking with it, toasting with it, celebrating with it, and unwinding with it. But what happens when people take it too far, drinking much more than they should or way too frequently? If you or someone you’re close to start showing symptoms of becoming an alcoholic, you may want to consider getting professional help or treatment. Read more below to see what to look out for and how to treat this addiction.

1. Needing To Drink More And More Alcohol To Get Drunk

This is a sign that your body is building up a tolerance to alcohol. The amount you’ve been drinking isn’t enough to get you intoxicated, so you have to keep increasing the amount to get the same effect. This isn’t a good thing, because eventually you’ll have continue on to life-threatening amounts of alcohol to get drunk, which could put you in the hospital or worse.

2. Not Being Able To Stop Drinking

You might have an uncontrollable urge to drink no matter your mood (happy, sad, angry). Many people use alcohol to cheer themselves up, but if you’re constantly drinking to make yourself feel better, this is something to worry about. Additionally, maybe you’ve tried to quit drinking altogether in the past. If you’ve tried many before and just can’t seem to kick the habit, this is a sign you should seek help.

3. Problems With The Law

If you’ve gotten in trouble with the law specifically because of your drinking, this is a red flag. Criminal charges relating to drinking are things such as DUIs (Driving Under the Influence), DWIs (Driving While Intoxicated), or drunk in public. If you’ve gotten these charges or have been convicted, yet continue to drink, it’s a warning sign for alcoholism.

4. Trembling Hands and/or Morning Shakes

Experiencing shaky hands any time of the day after frequent or heavy drinking is a indication that nerves in your body have are impaired due to excessive drinking. Morning shakes occur as their name states, in the morning. Waking up with trembling hands or full body tremors is a sign of withdrawal. Your body is so used to alcohol, that when you slept overnight, it felt deprived of it. Many who experience morning shakes have to have a drink in the morning to bring themselves back to “normalcy”.

5. Depression

Alcohol itself is a depressant, and partaking in too much of it will severely alter your mood. In fact, drinking a great deal might even be a sign of depression itself. If you continue to drink alcohol despite how it makes you feel, this could be yet another sign of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism can be treated by counseling, recovery centers, and support groups. For more information on alcohol and how it reacts in your body, contact The Wilder Firm’s today.