The Top 4 Dangers of Hiring Cheap Lawyers in Dallas

We know that considering the dangers of cheap criminal lawyers in Dallas wasn’t your first thought this morning. But what if 5 minutes made the difference between freedom and a derailed life?

We all have things in our life that we’re willing to spend a little bit of extra money on. Whether it’s your favorite beer, your shoes, or a good steak, there are just some things that are worth the extra money. After all, those extra dollars can be the difference between just OK and just what you needed. But what about your freedom? What kind of price would you be willing to pay to protect it?

If you can notice the difference between cheap and expensive TVs, then just wait until you experience some of the cheap criminal lawyers in Dallas. If you’ve been accused of a crime, hiring a cheap lawyer can mean gambling your freedom, and no amount of money can replace that loss.

Check out the top four dangers of hiring cheap lawyers in Dallas, and discover the difference quality representation can make for you and your case.

Cheap Lawyer Danger #1: Less experience

The first danger of cheap lawyers in Dallas? Their experience doesn’t match up to what they claim in their ads.

Can you imagine walking in for complicated surgery only to find out that your doctor has never operated on someone before? When you hire a cheap criminal defense attorney, you’re running the same risk. Good lawyers charge more because they’ve had success on cases like yours in the past, and are confident about similar cases in the future.

Cheap lawyers may have never taken a case like yours to trial if they’ve even represented one at all. We’re Dallas DWI lawyers that win, who can take on a client who blew .229 and help them receive a Not Guilty verdict.

Cheap Lawyer Danger #2: Poor Connections and No Resources

When you pay for a top-of-the-line attorney, you aren’t just paying for one person. What few people realize about defending a serious criminal charge like child abuse or theft is that it takes a team to win the case.

Repeat after us: Every. Little. Detail. Matters.

The smallest development could be a key to winning your case. Your attorney may lead the charge, but expert witnesses, second chair attorneys, and high-quality paralegals can be the difference between a plea bargain and full acquittal. Cheap criminal lawyers in Dallas (and anywhere else) have less access to expert witnesses and weaker relationships with prosecutors and judges — meaning you’ll have fewer options before or during your trial.

Cheap Lawyer Danger #3: Weaker Strategies

To cheap criminal lawyers, you’re nothing more than a paycheck to them (although don’t expect them to mention this on their websites). Time is money, and cheap lawyers don’t have much of either. When you hire cheap lawyers in Dallas for DWI defense, theft charges in Texas, child abuse charges, or criminal trespass in Texas, you risk working with an attorney motivated to take the path of least resistance.

The difference in price could turn out to be the difference between probation, jail time, and a threatened future, especially if you’re facing felony charges.

Instead of fighting for a favorable outcome, you may find yourself pleading no contest in a criminal case, regardless of what actually makes the most sense for you. Sometimes plea deals are the best possible outcome, but it takes time, patience, and skill to negotiate an agreeable sentence, something a higher-quality lawyer is typically better at doing. Cheap criminal lawyers also won’t think ahead for you either, and are more likely to neglect a question such as, “What happens when your probation is revoked?

Cheap Lawyer Danger #4: No Commitment to Your Case

Cheaper attorneys — especially those who work for big firms — tend to have an unreasonable caseload. To keep things moving as quickly as possible, these cheap criminal lawyers in Dallas, Texas will shuffle cases from attorney to attorney while paralegals pick up most of the work in between.

Misdemeanor and felony charges alike require legal representation that knows your case inside and out. Working with a smaller, higher-quality law firm means more access to your attorney and a greater focus on the specifics of your case; it’s the difference between having your attorney’s cell phone number and leaving a voicemail with the front desk.

Don’t Gamble With Your Freedom. Hire The Wilder Firm for Aggressive Defense.

Few things in life are as valuable as your freedom; don’t risk it to cheap criminal lawyers. For the most aggressive Dallas criminal defense attorney, contact Doug Wilder and his team at The Wilder Firm. Combining expertise gained both as a defense attorney and as a prosecutor, Doug Wilder knows the ins and outs of Texas criminal law and uses that expertise to craft the best possible defense strategies for his clients.

Your case deserves the best. Schedule your free consultation today and find out the difference The Wilder Firm can make for your case.